Indian state plans to distribute 10,000 Raspberry Pis a year

“The small sized Raspberry Pi will help in promoting basic computer science in the schools across Kerela,” says  P H Kurian, Principal Secretary, Department of Information Technology & Department of Industries, Government of Kerala

In an effort to kickstart the technology knowledge level of the next generation, the government of Indian state Kerala is planning to distribute 10,000 Raspberry Pi kits a year to children in education. You can read more about the initiative, known as Learn to Code here.

Colourful clock for toddlers uses a Raspberry Pi to teach time

Don and his wife have a two year old daughter. They’re trying to teach her the concept of time, and get her to understand that, perhaps, one o’clock in the morning is not the perfect time of day for play! To help with this, Don has taken an off-the-shelf clock, hacked it around with a Dremel and inserted a ShiftBrite bright LED as a backlight. He’s then hooked it up to a Raspberry Pi which is coded to tell the ShiftBrite what colour it should be depending on the time. Their daughter then knows to associate specific times of day with a colour, like red for sleep, yellow for play. It’s a lovely idea and you can find out more about it on his blog.

Solve the Monty Hall problem with Python

Trevor Appleton has written another of his great tutorials in which he takes you through a Python program. This time it’s to solve the “three doors” or “Monty Hall” problem. You are presented with three doors and have to try and find the car behind one door. It’s a pretty well-known puzzle, which makes it excellent fodder for a tutorial! Read it here.