Linux Voice issue 6 now available for download – features Raspberry Pi projects

Linux Voice, in keeping with its promise to release its content for free after 9 months, has just published the PDFs for Issue 6 online. For Raspberry Pi owners, there are examples of several projects including:

  • International Space Station detector.
  • Voice operated Pi using Jasper.
  • Running OwnCloud.
  • Using Scratch with GPIO.
  • Building a motion-activated security camera.
  • Hacking with Kali Linux.
  • Using Minecraft on the Pi.
  • Using XBMC.

You can view the whole issue here or download just the Pi section here.

Art installation triptych with three Raspberry Pis

Film-maker Natasha Maidoff approached her friend Thomas to her create a video triptych at the 2015 Venice Art Walk. The triptych is made out of three Raspberry Pis playing three separate, but synchronised, videos. This is accomplished by networking the three Pis together and then running Python scripts on each of them. Read more here.

Theatre intermission sound controlled by a Raspberry Pi

Scott Wegner operates the sound and lights system for his local auditorium in rural Minnesota. This often involves playing music into the foyer area to warm the audience up before the enter, as well as making announcements about when the show is due to start. He has developed a system with a Raspberry Pi that slots into the A/V rack that has buttons to control the music and announcements. It’s a great, practical application of the Pi. Read more here or watch the video below:

Support Raspberry Pi robotics by voting for Dawn Robotics

Alan Broun at Dawn Robotics is currently pitching for a £20,000 fund from Jisc to develop their Raspberry Pi robotics kit. The kit comes with a chassis, motors, wheels, a driver board, a servo-controlled Pi camera and all the fixings necessary to build a great mobile robot. The funding will help them to develop educational materials that will enable schools to build a robot and learn how to program using it. It only takes a minute and a couple of clicks to vote, so please, get behind this campaign and help Dawn to get their project off the ground. Vote here and see the promo video below.