Theatrical endeavour for one lucky Raspberry Pi

Spencer Organ, who teaches at KESH Academy in Birmingham, had a problem: How to give a Tin Man a heart. For his school’s performances of The Wizard of Oz, he decided that a Raspberry Pi was the way to go. Thanks to a Unicorn HAT from Pimoroni he was able to have a very very BRIGHT, beating heart shining out from the actor’s chest. Brilliant stuff. Spencer is planning to share the code later!

Robotic otter used for emotional therapy has Raspberry Pi as a heart

Students on an MIT Product Engineering Processes course in 2013 decided to build a product to help patients suffering from anxiety and depression as a result of dementia. It’s a cute baby otter called Ollie who responds to touches from the person holding it. It has robotic arms moved by wires wrapped in silicon and it has a waterproof coat underneath a washable fur coat just in case of spills and accidents. You can read more over at the IEEE site and watch the pitch video here.

The future of the product is in question as nothing has come out of it, but it’s great to see the Pi being used for such a great purpose.

Issue 32 of The MagPi published for Raspberry Pi owners

The newly relaunched MagPi has just published its newest issue. There’s lots of fantastic content and the magazine really does look like it will go from strength-to-strength under the steady hand of new editor Russell Barnes. Take a look at the new issue here. There’s a chance to win an A+, too, courtesy of The Pi Hut, so what are you waiting for?

Flash flood predictions with Raspberry Pi weather stations

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have teamed up with other international partners to develop 3D-printed weather stations that will help to predict flash floods in underdeveloped countries, and they use the Pi to collect data and send it to their experts. Read more here. (This article is more about the 3D printing rather than the Pi, which is odd, but you can’t have everything!)