New issue of Raspberry Pi magazine The MagPi is a Retro Computing special

The MagPi issue 67 is out and is a retro computing special covering:

  • Hardware emulation and classic coding
  • The best emulators for Raspberry Pi
  • Using a Retro Computer
  • The best retro computer community builds

There’s also plenty of features on cyber security and the usual mix of projects, news and reviews. Also included is a live-booting DVD of the current version of Raspbian Stretch with Desktop to use on your PC or Mac.

You can download it for free from The MagPi website or purchase from online retailers or see if you can find it in the shops.

Create a lightweight OS installation on your Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Lite

Dave Johnson has written up a great walk-through of a streamlined, lightweight installation of Raspbian Lite. He takes you through installing the image, setting up things like wifi and keyboard settings and then installs Samba so you can talk to your Pi over a network. Take a look here.

Running a laser cutter from a Raspberry Pi

Alex Eames recently bought a laser cutter to add to his workspace. After playing with the toolchain for a bit, he discovered a piece of software, called K40 Whisperer, which could be installed on Linux and was compatible with his cutter. So, he installed the software and reduced the number of hoops he needed to jump through to get a design from design software to actual cutting. You can read how he did it here.

New DexterOS 1.3 for the Raspberry Pi version brings blocks and Python together

Dexter Industries has just announced the launch of the new version of their DexterOS operating system. They use a Blockly-style programming language called Bloxter for the visual programming side and you can now make the move to Python more easily because they show the Python code side-by-side with the Bloxter code. They’ve also added the ability to download and upload code within the browser-based interface and log sensor data. I used DexterOS quite a bit recently when I reviewed Dexter’s GoPiGo 3 kit and I was very impressed. It’s well worth giving it a go! Read more about the new release here and download the latest version here.

Create your very own Amazon Echo inside a Furby with a Raspberry Pi

Zach Levine has taken an annoying toy (a Furby) and stuffed it with a Raspberry Pi Zero W, a Pimoroni Speaker pHAT and a stepper motor driver board.

He has then installed the Amazon Alexa software on the Pi and programmed it to obey his commands, triggering the robotic behaviour of the Furby. You can read a complete account of the build here and see a video of it in action below:

New issue of HackSpace magazine focuses on wearables – read it today

Raspberry Pi have just announced issue 4 of HackSpace, the new magazine for makers. This issue focuses on wearables and features the usual mix of interviews, news and tutorials. Also of note is that they’ve just started to give a free gift away to subscribers – an Adafruit Circuit Playground Express (USA/UK – The Pi Hut / Pimoroni). So, there’s never been a better time to start reading or to subscribe. Read more about the issue here.