The Pi Hut stock clearance sale – Bargains galore at up to 75% off!

timthumbIn an effort to reduce the number of items he has to count when doing his annual stock-take (and to celebrate his second year in business), Jamie at The Pi Hut has decided to have a massive stock clearance sale. There are loads of items with between 10% and 75% off. So, if you need to grab some bits, now is a great time to get yourself a bargain! Here are a few of the highlights:

Right! I’m off to buy some stuff

RACHEL-Pi – the offline Raspberry Pi bringing education to far-flung locations

RACHEL-Pi is a great project that is being used in remote locations to distribute educational materials. Here’s what Liz Upton has to say about it on the Foundation’s blog:

RACHEL is an offline server, run on a Raspberry Pi, full of educational content from teaching curriculums, Khan Academy materials, Wikipedia, classic literature, reference material and textbooks; alongside vital community materials like medical and first aid textbooks.

The main body of the blog-post is written by Jeremy Schwartz, who is the Executive Director of World Possible – an organisation that has pushed RACHEL out all over the world. It’s great to read about the success of this initiative and how the Pi is involved. Read the blog post here.

Adventures in Minecraft – a new book for Raspberry Pi owners


David Whale and Martin O’Hanlon have been busy writing a new book which uses Minecraft Pi Edition to teach Python programming. Written in the same format as Carrie Anne Philbin’s awesome book Adventures in Raspberry Pi, it covers everything from basic programming to interacting with electronic circuits. It’s due to be published within the next few weeks and we hope to have the authors signing copies at Pi Wars on December 6th in Cambridge! You can see a full chapter list on David’s blog. Minecraft Pi Edition is now available by default on new Raspbian images.

Raspberry Pi Compute Module IO Board CAD files released

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has just announced the release of the CAD files for the Compute Module IO Board. Here’s what they say about the format that they’ve been released in:

The design files are the Cadence OrCAD schematic file, Cadence Allegro PCB file and the full board Gerbers, bill of materials (BOM) and PDF version of the schematic. People should be able to take the design and easily modify it, or just take the Gerber files and create copies of the board if that’s what they want to do.

The design files for the board, as well as the Camera Module and Display Module board, are now available here.

You can read the full announcement here.