Tickets now available for the Birthday CamJam (2nd March) and Pi Wars (20th-21st April)

Great news! Tickets for the Birthday CamJam, which takes place on 2nd March at the Computer Laboratory in West Cambridge, are now available.

There will be Talks, Show and Tell, Workshops and a Marketplace in the biggest event CamJam has run for some time. This time, they have the support of Raspberry Pi themselves, so it’ll be even more epic!

Get your tickets here!

Also at the Computer Lab (William Gates Building) soon is the robotics competition, Pi Wars. You’ll be able to watch the robotics teams taking on the seven fiendish challenge courses, shop in the Marketplace and, if things go well, be able to see and interact with Show and Tell exhibits! There’s lots of ways to get involved, too! Those who volunteer to help during the weekend go free, as do those 16 years of age and under. Everyone else is £6 for the whole weekend, which is a bargain, frankly!

Get your tickets here.

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