Cotswold Raspberry Jam – THIS Saturday afternoon

This Saturday 24 November sees Cotswold Raspberry Jam in Cheltenham, 1-4pm. Free tickets are available from:

The event includes the Astro Pi Mission Zero tutorial where you can get your code running on the International Space Station! If you’re under 14, you’ll also get a certificate posted to you after your code has run on the ISS, confirming the date and location.

You can also learn how to code Christmas tree decorations in Minecraft. Write a program to create one star or bauble, then use our example code to place it on the top of every nearby tree!

Cotswold Jam are going to give away a brand new Raspberry Pi 3B+ to the best child programmer who doesn’t already own a Pi, and there are also CamJam EduKit prizes for those who bring along their own projects to show & tell.

David Pride will be demonstrating his Digital Graffiti using a Pi and a Wii controller, there will be balloon-popping war robots with Micro Pi Noon and a host of retro games to play with.

Come along, 1-4pm on Saturday afternooon!

Earlier on Saturday morning, Cotswold Jam are co-hosting Code Club South West’s volunteer meetup – if you’re an adult interested in helping out with Code Clubs, do come along from 10am.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ launched today

Interesting news from Raspberry Pi today. They’ve launched a new product: the Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+. Take a look at the official announcement here. It’s basically a 3B+, with the associated improvements in speed and thermal performance but in the smaller A+ form factor. The Ethernet port has been removed and there is but one USB port. The RAM is also cut down to 512MB. This smaller form factor is great for embedded projects that need increased performance and is sure to be popular amongst the industrial market and hobbyists needing the extra vroom!

You can get hold of the 3A+ by visiting The Pi Hut, Pimoroni or ModMyPi. The price is around £23. Other sellers, such as Adafruit, are sure to come online soon.

Fireworks display using the Pimoroni Mote on the Raspberry Pi

This is a nice little project that I wrote the code for a couple of Sundays ago. It uses the Pimoroni Mote (full kit) to appear as fireworks and then uses Pygame to play the sound of fireworks as each Mote stick ‘explodes’ in a shower of sparkles! You can see the effect in the video below and see the code here. You can get hold of your own Mote from Pimoroni. This is all in aid of the Milton Keynes Raspberry Jam on 10th November which is a “Fireworks Special”!


Watch TV using the Raspberry Pi TV HAT and Plex with this great tutorial from The Pi Hut

Following yesterday’s news concerning the launch of the new Raspberry Pi TV HAT, the folks over at The Pi Hut have worked out how to stream to the Plex media server. It requires a plugin to be installed, but mostly it’s just a case of software configuration. You can read the tutorial over at The Pi Hut. You can get hold of the new HAT from The Pi Hut here.

Stream and watch television on your Raspberry Pi with the new TV HAT

Image courtesy of The Pi Hut

Raspberry Pi has just announced the release of the new TV HAT. This Zero-sized board will enable you to receive a DVB (digital) television signal on your Pi and then view it or stream it to other devices on your network. It’s a nicely put-together board and is also the first to be in the new form factor, which re-defines the size and shape of HATs. There seems to be some confusion over whether it’s called a uHAT (micro-HAT) or just a HAT, though! You’ll need at least a Pi 2 to view programmes on the Pi (as it’s quite processor intensive) but a Zero will do for streaming.

The board retails for £20 and you’ll need an antenna and co-axial cable to connect it up.

You can buy the board over at The Pi Hut or from ModMyPi. There’s a great tutorial over at The Pi Hut on how to use the board and another from ModMyPi here.

Formula Pi 2018 – the finals of this Raspberry Pi-powered autonomous robot competition are tonight!

This year’s edition of the brilliant autonomous robot competition, Formula Pi from our friends over at Pi Borg, comes to a thrilling conclusion tonight (Wednesday, 10th October 2018) at 18.30 GMT. With an international field of roboteers, it’s sure to be exciting to watch. The following teams are in the ‘A’ Final (1st to 5th place):

  • Chitty Chitty Pi Pi
  • Team Yoshi
  • Whacky Racer
  • Pi Hard

and the following teams are in the ‘B’ Final (6th to 10th place):

  • Pico HulkenBorg
  • Makerspace Randers
  • Team Limilo
  • IQaudIO

Formula Pi is currently using the MonsterBorg robot from Pi Borg. Teams work on their code and then upload that code to Pi Borg to be installed on a standard robot. The races are entirely autonomous and the robots react to the changing ‘start lights’ to trigger them off on their runs. You can read more about the teams and the competition here.

You can view the live stream of the finals below, which is also here on YouTube: