Raspberry Pi high-definition camera – a collection of new projects, guides and reviews from the web

At the end of April, a new, high-definition camera was launched for the Raspberry Pi. Now that people have had the kit for a few months, a lot of projects are starting to come out that really show off the camera. I thought I’d do a round-up post.

Bare-bones rig

David Booth wrote an excellent guest post on this very blog with his bare-bones high-quality camera rig. You can read the whole piece here.

Pistol Grip camera

Jenny List has written an interesting piece on camera form-factors over on Hackaday. She’s talked about some interesting designs and shapes for cameras and then developed her own one with a pistol grip (as pictured) which uses the high-definition camera. It’s an interesting demand and, as she points out, is reminiscent of 8mm cine cameras. All the CAD files are over on GitHub for this one.

3D camera using two modules

In a recent MagPI magazine article, PJ Evans wrote about how he’d taken two Raspberry Pi Zeros and attached a pair of high-quality cameras. Using a 3D-printed mount, he’d managed to arrange the two devices so that they were at the right angle to get a good, solid, high quality 3D image which was then displayed using a smartphone and Google Cardboard. One Zero is used as the master to trigger the two cameras and provide a web interface and a clever bit of GPIO bridge-wiring means that only one power supply is necessary. You can see the whole project over on the MagPi website.

3D-printed enclosure

Pierre-yves Baloche has written a fascinating series of posts in which he details the usage of the Pi camera and then the creation of a 3D-printed enclosure to hold the high-quality camera. Code and 3D design files for the project are available on GitHub.


Recently, Pimoroni announced the availability of a microscopic lens and stand for the high-definition camera. Currently, they are both out-of-stock but Les Pounder, over at Tom’s Hardware managed to get one. He’s written an extensive review of the kit over on that site which you can read here.


That’s it for this roundup. Hopefully at least one of those articles will be of interest 🙂

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