Roberts R757 Radio refurbishment project – Raspberry Pi inside!

For a few years, I have been following the work of Martin Mander, a hobbyist with a passion for refurbishing and repurposing vintage electrical equipment. Recently, Martin repurposed a 1970s transistor radio to create an internet radio. This inspired me to look around to see what I could find to do something similar.

I came across a radio from 1996 on eBay – an R757 from Surrey-based manufacturer Roberts, who are now based in the West Midlands. I refurbished it physically and then took the insides out, replaced them with a Raspberry Pi Zero and a Pimoroni pHAT Beat audio board and wrote some software to turn it into my own internet radio.

You can read the full build details and more about the software on this page. Comments welcome! 🙂

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