New laptop learning system from Elecrow – CrowPi2 – on Kickstarter now! Powered by Raspberry Pi

Launched today on Kickstarter is the CrowPi2. Billed as an “All in one STEAM education platform & Raspberry Pi laptop to Learn, Explore and Have Fun”, the CrowPi includes an 11.6″ 1920×1080 resolution IPS screen and a removable unit which includes a wireless keyboard and trackpad. (They also include a wireless mouse, but I’m not sure why if they’ve got the trackpad, but anyway…)

TL;DR – Take me to the Kickstarter.

Beneath this removable unit is a whole host of sensors, widgets and blinkies to do projects with.

Included in the main body of the CrowPi is a 2MP camera and a microphone (very handy) as well as stereo speakers. The Raspberry Pi is installed upside down in the base of the CrowPi, plugged into the unit using the 40-pins of the GPIO.

A big headline of the CrowPi 2 is that it is compatible with both the Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi 4, which means you can use whichever Pi you happen to have spare. The kit comes with HDMI adapters for both.

According to the promotional page, the CrowPi2 comes with over 70 lessons covering Scratch, Python, AI and Minecraft. There are also an additional 30+ projects and Python games to explore the Raspberry Pi. There is also offline account management to help you to save progress and achievements.

Price-wise, the CrowPi 2 is pretty competitive, considering what you get. There are three kits: Basic (starting at $139 for super earlybird, rising to $169 for earlybird and then to $259 for retail), Intermediate ($239/$259/$359) and Advanced ($289/$329/$439). Each one comes with more bits and pieces than the last, and the Intermediate and Advanced include a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB. All these prices are subject to change ahead of the Kickstarter campaign, which should be launching tomorrow.

For more information, and to sign-up to the notification email list, visit this page on the Elecrow site. Visit the Kickstarter here.

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  1. the mouse is a great addition, i hate the track-pad on my laptop & use a separate mouse whenever possible

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