Raspberry Pi re-seller ModMyPi acquired by The Pi Hut

Interesting news in the Pi world today. Official re-seller ModMyPi has been acquired by fellow re-seller The Pi Hut. What this means in the long term is anyone’s guess, but in the official announcement on the ModMyPi website, they have stated that the entire ModMyPi product range will shortly be available at The Pi Hut and that products manufactured by ModMyPi will continue to be manufactured at their new home.

This presumably means that products such as the recently-released Jam HAT (pictured) will continue to be available as well as the range of Beaglebone and Onion products that ModMyPi stocked.

The previous relationship between ModMyPi and PiBorg seems to have been dissolved as Pi Borg’s web shop has been re-activated.

No doubt there will be some physical transfer of assets in the next couple of weeks between ModMyPi (located in Tunbridge Wells) and The Pi Hut (located in Haverhill).

It’s a shame that the good folks over at ModMyPi are not able to continue, but at least their product range is in good hands. Myself and Tim Richardson are especially grateful for the generous support of Jacob and his team for their sponsorship of Pi Wars over the past many years.

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