Potton Pi & Pints – free Raspberry Jam – Saturday, 6th July

Myself and Tim are holding a Raspberry Jam in Potton, Bedfordshire, on Saturday, 6th July. The Jam, which runs from 1pm-5pm is a family-friendly event that just happens to be held upstairs in a pub!

It is an informal Jam in which people are encouraged to bring their Raspberry Pi (or other) projects along and share and discuss them with the other attendees. Everyone is welcome – bring your Pi, Arduino, Wemos, micro:bit or any other digital maker projects and generally show off! 🙂 The event is also suitable for those just starting out with the Raspberry Pi and who want to know more.

We supply some pi-topCEED Raspberry Pi workstations, worksheets and electronic components for people to tinker with, including kids.

The event is free and you can get tickets from Eventbrite.

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