HydroGadget – Irrigation system using a #RaspberryPi / @Raspberry_Pi

SmokingCircuits.me | My Personal Collection of Open Source Hardware Projects

Over at SmokingCircuits, they are developing a board called the HydroGadget. Here’s what the man running the hardware side of the project says about it:

“The concept of HydroGadget is an internet connected home irrigation timer and controller. What separates HydroGadget from other products on the market is the ability of the unit to connect to outside servers and change its operation accordingly.

For example, the HydoGadget could connect to a local weather database and see that last night it rained a quarter inch and that it doesn’t need to water this afternoon. Local watering restrictions sometime dictate what days and times you are allowed to irrigate based on the time of year and your local address.”

Read more about the project on their blog.

Their prototype build debuted on 2nd February at the first Las Vegas Maker Faire and you can read more about that here.

Sounds like an intriguing project and one I’ll be keeping an eye on!

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