OCR releases PDF resources for the #RaspberryPi, ICT and Computing / @Raspberry_Pi

OCR have released their PDF teaching resources for the Raspberry Pi.

These are well-produced, high-quality documents that they should be proud of producing. Whether you’re in a classroom environment or not, I recommend taking a look at them. Beware, the links to the PDFs can be deathly slow, so I would say right-click and save the linked document rather than viewing it in your browser.

The resources are as follows:

  • Raspberry Pi Resources Link – a general guide to the major resources and software packages available for the Pi
  • Classroom Challenge – Architecture – there’s a learner and a teacher sheet for this. This is a worksheet about the components that make up the Pi and peripherals that could be attached to it.
  • Connecting to a network – another learner/teacher sheet combo. Another worksheet that deals with connecting to a network via cable and then via a wifi dongle and confirming that the connection exists using Linux commands.
  • Simple animation – learner/teacher combo worksheets to do animation using both Scratch and Python.

Take a look at the resources here and download them to use!

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