New IndieGoGo campaign brings the power of infrared to your Raspberry Pi

Bulgarian Leon Anavi previously had success with the Anavi Flex board on IndieGoGo. Now, he’s seeking to raise $500 for his board, the Anavi Infrared pHAT. The board has the following features:

  • 2x 5mm IR transmitters (IR LEDs)
  • IR receiver (IR photo sensor)
  • Slots for up to 3 plug and play sensors
  • UART pins for debugging

… and comes fully assembled. The pledges start at $9 USD plus shipping for the board alone, and there are further pledge levels giving you sensors to plug in, and multiple boards. Delivery is expected between July and September.

To take a better look at the campaign and to pledge, visit IndieGoGo or watch the campaign video below:

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