Accio Raspberry Pi! Control a gesture-sensitive lamp with a Harry Potter wand

Photo by Hep Svadja

This is the second Harry Potter project in as many days! See yesterday’s Daily Prophet animated picture frame here.

Sean O’Brien from Make has taken a Raspberry Pi and a Particle Internet Button and embedded them inside a lamp base. Also used is a NoIR camera module and an infra-red LED which detect the movement of a ‘point of reflectiveness’ – in this case the end of a Harry Potter interactive wand. You don’t even have to have the ‘official’ wand (although it’s a lot more fun if you do, obviously) – anything with a flat sequin on the end will do. Neopixels on the Particle button are used for illumination and some fancy frosting effects for the lamp glass complete the device. You can read all about the build, called Raspberry Potter, over at Make and there’s even a Raspberry Potter website! All the code is available on GitHub.

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