Plant monitoring kit from SwitchDoc Labs uses a Raspberry Pi to look after your growing environment

SwitchDoc Labs have launched their latest Kickstarter – SmartPlantPi. It’s a plant-monitoring system suitable for families and schools that measures and keeps track of the following:

  • Soil moisture
  • Sunlight level
  • Air quality
  • Temperature and humidity

It uses the Grove system of sensors and comes (if you choose) in a 3D-printed stand to keep everything together.

The full kit starts at $85 for Earlybirds. Postage isn’t low, but probably about right for the size of the kit. You’ll need to provide your own Raspberry Pi (and fence!) but all the source code is provided for you.

As usual with the SwitchDoc stuff, it seems well thought out and nicely presented, so should be a lot of fun, particularly if you like your indoor plants!

Take a look at the Kickstarter here or view the campaign video below:

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