Raspberry Pi mini-laptop uses official 7″ screen

I’ve been waiting for this for a while: a laptop using the official 7″ screen for display. Surferboy has uploaded 3D printing files for this project which uses a Pi 3, a Rii keyboard and the official display which is a mini-laptop perfect for taking with you. All it really needs is a battery to make it fully portable! Take a look at the files on Thingiverse.

1 comment for “Raspberry Pi mini-laptop uses official 7″ screen

  1. Nigel
    10 February 2017 at 3:19 pm

    Not bad at all and very useful .
    Just an idea : I think a HDMI 14″screen would be better – ok the cost would increase for the monitor and new case.

    I see quite a few projects that involve a 3D Printer – where can I get
    the 3d print done for me…and what must one specify apart from the 3d print files?
    Perhaps in future I may well buy one but the decent 3D
    printers seen quite expensive (GBP2000+)…but at the moment I am looking for a robot arm like uARM IndieGogo

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