Raspberry Pi mini-laptop uses official 7″ screen

I’ve been waiting for this for a while: a laptop using the official 7″ screen for display. Surferboy has uploaded 3D printing files for this project which uses a Pi 3, a Rii keyboard and the official display which is a mini-laptop perfect for taking with you. All it really needs is a battery to make it fully portable! Take a look at the files on Thingiverse.

2 comments for “Raspberry Pi mini-laptop uses official 7″ screen

  1. Not bad at all and very useful .
    Just an idea : I think a HDMI 14″screen would be better – ok the cost would increase for the monitor and new case.

    I see quite a few projects that involve a 3D Printer – where can I get
    the 3d print done for me…and what must one specify apart from the 3d print files?
    Perhaps in future I may well buy one but the decent 3D
    printers seen quite expensive (GBP2000+)…but at the moment I am looking for a robot arm like uARM IndieGogo

    • Start by clicking the link above that takes you to Thingiverse.
      Then find the button that says “Order this printed” and click that one. Then you just choose the one who seems best..

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