Contributing on StackExchange – just started! (plus Great Sites #2!)

profile for recantha at Raspberry Pi, Q&A for users and developers of hardware and software for Raspberry Pi I’ve just started to answer questions at the Stack Exchange for the Pi.

I still don’t know why it’s called Stack Exchange, but I don’t need to right now!

I’m also designating the RPi Stack Exchange as the second of my Great Sites due to it’s aims and fast-growing popularity.

You can view my Stack Exchange profile here.

Foolproof operating System install instructions for Raspberry Pi on Windows

Exactly what it says on the tin. These are instructions from Raspi.TV on how to download and write an operating system image onto an SD card for the Raspberry Pi.

A couple of teachers asked me to do some instructions for them at the Milton Keynes Jam on how to download and install the OS for the Pi. They have to get incredibly good at this task as they will likely have to carry out this process several times a week, what with students tinkering and messing up! 🙂
Alex at Raspi.TV has done a great job on some instructions and so, rather than re-invent the wheel, I thought I would just point people at it.

Visit the link below for the instructions:

RPi aggregated RSS news feed available

RSS logo

All my RSS news feeds are now available as an aggregated feed. Subscribe here.

More information below!

First off, if you don’t know what an RSS feed or reader is…

  • An RSS feed is essentially a webpage containing summaries of, for example, blog posts. The RSS feed is ‘subscribed’ to using a ‘reader’, which is a piece of software for reading these summaries.
  • The reader software can be online, or on your PC/Mac/etc. The one I use is Google Reader at
  • An ‘aggregated feed’ effectively turns several RSS feeds into a single RSS feed.

After much deliberation and a fair amount of hunting through software, I’ve decided to publish my 135 RSS feeds as an aggregated feed. This means that if you subscribe to the aggregated feed, as I add more sites to the aggregated feed, you will start to see these new sites appear in your reader.

To subscribe, use the following URL in your RSS reader

This is a public folder of feeds from my Google Reader account presented using Google’s own interface (which I really had to search around for… talk about long-winded!)

If you know of any sites that publish good, informative news, tutorials, tips and/or experiences with the Raspberry Pi, please add a comment to this post and I will make sure that it’s added.

MiniPiio from Zuzebox

Yet another couple of add-on boards, but these look very interesting.

MiniPiio « Zuzebox’s Blog Buy from Tindie

The L293D board:

This is a DC Motor controller using the venerable L293D from ST (and others). The L293D is dual H-Bridge driver capable of driving 36V DC and 600mA per H-Bridge.

The MiniPiio Relay2 board:


A simple two relay DPCO board. Either of the relays can be selected from 8 off the GPIO pins from the Raspberry Pi expansion header.

There’s also an RS232 board and at least another one, but the site is done as a blog so it’s a little difficult to just see a list, let alone spot where to buy from.

Will edit this post later if I can find more info!