– Raspberry Pi is one of the Top Linux Innovations of 2012

A nice article at that talks about how the Pi has become one of the innovations of the year. One of the comments below the article tries, once again, to lynch the Pi just because it’s not a totally open source product. I’ve posted my own comment to refute that as the article is about the Pi being a catalyst for innovation using Linux and open source software, not hyping the Pi as open source hardware platform.

Raspberry Pi: One of the Top Linux Innovations of 2012 |

1/12 scale Transform Robot

This isn’t strictly Raspberry Pi-related, though perhaps someone should start building one…

This is a contender for the coolest thing ever – the timeline of development for a real transforming robot-car.

Fast forward to 3:45 for the drop-dead amazing latest version robotics.

BRAVEROBOTICS 1/12 scale Transform Robot Version1~7.2 History – YouTube.

Some more footage here (actually, better footage!)