Network boot a classroom full of #RaspberryPi with LTSP

Andrew Mulholland has developed a series of scripts called RaspberryPi-LTSP that allow you to boot the Raspberry Pi over a network. You start off by installing a minimal distro on the Pi’s SD card and then it goes and ‘gets’ the full operating system from a central network server. This means that the Pi is running as a ‘fat client’ – all the processing is done on the Pi but things like installed apps and the work you do on the Pi is held on the server. This is ideal for classrooms as it means that if you have a Pi SD card failure then you haven’t lost all the work that the Pi user had done. Here’s what he had to say about it at the Raspberry Jamboree in Manchester:

For more details, visit the GitHub project page here. You can talk to Andrew about it on Twitter: @gbaman1.

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