Great & Vital Raspberry Pi Websites (#1) – Raspi.TV

This will be a series for Great Raspberry Pi Websites.

First up is Raspi.TV –
As the site proclaims, it is a site for “Raspberry Pi Information and Videos” but it’s more than that. Alex, the site creator, explained at the Milton Keynes Raspberry Jam that the way he does his videos and instructions is to a) write them and b) try them out himself.
That means, that the site features, if not fool-proof, then hard-to-mess-up and above all accurate instructions on how to do lots of things with your Pi.
Currently (1st October 2012), the site contains articles on everything from first installation to using the Gertboard expansion board to control a motor.

Fantastic, multimedia, content on a very easy to use site. That’s why it becomes our first Great Raspberry Pi Website.

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