Occidentalis / Redwing


That went well!
My Redwing Pi is now back to usable and is using the Adafruit Occidentalis v0.2 distro.

Here’s a list of what it currently has on it now I’ve finished with my tweaks:

  • Hexxeh’s rpi-update
  • Up-to-date raspi-config
  • Memory split to favour core rather than video
  • Overclocked to 900mhz (not verified that’s worked yet)
  • GIT core
  • Two wifi networks (home and work) with auto-connect at boot
  • Using the Edimax wifi adapter that is becoming so beloved (the one with the gold usb contact)
  • Used a script to speed up the boot cycle
  • Increased the size of the shell history to make documentation easier.
  • Installed the following:
    • screen (to allow login sessions to be accessed by multiple users)
    • Apache and PHP (to give you a web server)
    • Samba (to let you see and use your Pi’s drive on a Windows network)
    • Raspcontrol (a web interface to let you see what’s going on with your Pi without remoting in)
Now backing the image up so I can go to the MK Raspberry Jam with my ‘virgin Pi’ presentation and get back to where I was easily.

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