Issue 14 of The MagPi published for #RaspberryPi owners

The July 2013 issue of the much-improved Raspberry Pi magazine “The MagPi” is now out.

Issue 14, Jul 2013 : The MagPi

Star-of-the-show is the camera module which is treated to an article by Broadcom’s James Hughes who wrote the software that drives the camera. There are also articles on:

  • IO and logic expansion
  • Making a low-cost GPIO expander (the Guzunty)
  • Robotic arm control (using the Maplin robot arm)
  • Parallel processing
  • A report from a Boot Camp and how to create a family fun day with the Pi
  • Using the Pi Matrix
  • Charm on RiscOS (part 3)
  • A beginners guide to JAVA on the Pi

Read the issue by downloading the PDF or viewing it online

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