Plant moisture detector uses a Raspberry Pi Pico for a low-cost, easy to implement project – the 3D-printed enclosure is an added bonus

Spencer Organ recently went to the virtual Preston Raspberry Jam which had a gardening theme to talk about his project – a Raspberry Pi Pico watering can. You can see the innards above. Costing under £15, the project helps to monitor a single plant (in Spencer’s case a Sweetpea plant) and tell you the soil moisture level. The level is displayed  as a nice graph on a cheap SSD and the whole thing is powered by a Raspberry Pi Pico. A 3D-printed enclosure in the shape of a watering can keeps the whole thing tidy.

You can find details, including how to reproduce it, on Spencer’s Maker Cupboard blog.

You can watch Spencer talk about his project by going to this YouTube video – open up the full description of the video and then click to skip directly to his talk.

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