Introducing the LumiCube – a Raspberry Pi-powered LED cube on Kickstarter now

London-based start-up AbstractFoundry have launched their first Kickstarter for the Lumicube. It is a 10cm cube with 192 LEDs over three sides and ports etc on the back:

You add your own Raspberry Pi to the cube and then use Python to control it. There are plenty of built-in apps in the software to produce patterns, scroll text etc. There are lots of paid-for add-ons, such as sensors and a screen and, of course, you can connect the LumiCube to the Internet and turn it into an animated Internet of Things device, for example. Below is an example of the LumiCube in action, playing Pong!

The campaign video is below and you can view the campaign here. As of writing, there are still 10% off Earlybird pledges available at £81. They’re expecting to ship in September this year, and they’ve already smashed their target. If you like blinkies, this is a lovely product to get behind.

2 comments for “Introducing the LumiCube – a Raspberry Pi-powered LED cube on Kickstarter now

  1. Thanks Michael – this is ‘right up my street’ i.e. LOVE IT.

    I’ll be pledging as soon as I’ve finished this message.

    Thanks for the ‘heads up’.


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