Finding a Raspberry Pi Zero retro emulator in the smallest of places!

Reddit user JamHamster has done this lovely retro emulator build out of an audio cassette and a Pi Zero W.

The entire underside is a heatsink made out of aluminium (which is a bit of an overkill for a Zero, but never mind).

They’ve routed sound and composite video out to the relevant jacks and even sanded part of the GPIO away to maintain the clean external look.

They’ve also added a tiny USB NanoHub which brings out two USB ports from the Zero’s single port (which they’ve removed). There’s even a reset button set-up attached to the last two GPIO pins. He’s hooked it up to a car reverse composite monitor, as you can see below:

I think it looks lovely. You can see some more pics and read a bit more (in the comments) over on Reddit. You can follow them on Twitter.

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