Dual-computer cyberdeck is beautiful, functional and very expensive to build!

Over at MSG Labs, they’ve created a wonderful new cyberdeck, confusingly called “The MSG”. Sporting an Intel NUC 10 (where most of the money went!) and a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB, The MSG has a KVM switch underneath the case so that, with a button press, the 7-inch touchscreen can be used for both systems. A Planck keyboard sits on top and gives the whole thing a very “cyber” feel. A Mini Black Hat Hackr, a Pico HAT Hackr and a Hat Hackr HAT bring the GPIO out to the upper front panel and also allows the use of a Micro Dot pHAT for displaying diagnostics information. A lot of 3D printing brings the project together. There’s even room for a small e-Ink display on the top panel which is used to display the MSG logo in the picture above (I bet you thought that was a sticker!)

A complete parts list is available on the msglab.co website where you can also see a video of the screen-switching in action. You can also read a lot more about the project over on the special website.

If you’d like to have a go at creating your own cyberdeck, take a look at this excellent page over on Cyberdeck Cafe. It takes you through all the decisions you need to make and parts you will need to construct such a project.

2 comments for “Dual-computer cyberdeck is beautiful, functional and very expensive to build!

  1. Not a bad project, but I have no 3D Printer – and will not be getting one – so I must give the 3D data to an external company…if I can find one.

    Personally I could not give a damn is a Keyboard look “Cyber”.

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