Tune into radio stations from all over the (physical) globe with this Raspberry Pi project

Jude Pullen has taken a World globe and a lot of 3D-printed parts and created himself a brilliant radio player. By positioning the arm of the contraption affixed to the globe, it is possible to tune into to over 2000 Internet radio stations. The contraption uses two rotary encoders to work out the position of the arm and then those readings are fed into the Raspberry Pi which works out if there is a radio at that position. An LED lights up when you are over a station and the information about the station appears on the little screen at the front of the control panel. You are then free to listen to whatever came up!

It’s quite some project and, frankly, it’s quite some write-up over at Instructables. You can see a video of the RadioGlobe in action, below.


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