Formula Pi 2018 – the finals of this Raspberry Pi-powered autonomous robot competition are tonight!

This year’s edition of the brilliant autonomous robot competition, Formula Pi from our friends over at Pi Borg, comes to a thrilling conclusion tonight (Wednesday, 10th October 2018) at 18.30 GMT. With an international field of roboteers, it’s sure to be exciting to watch. The following teams are in the ‘A’ Final (1st to 5th place):

  • Chitty Chitty Pi Pi
  • Team Yoshi
  • Whacky Racer
  • Pi Hard

and the following teams are in the ‘B’ Final (6th to 10th place):

  • Pico HulkenBorg
  • Makerspace Randers
  • Team Limilo
  • IQaudIO

Formula Pi is currently using the MonsterBorg robot from Pi Borg. Teams work on their code and then upload that code to Pi Borg to be installed on a standard robot. The races are entirely autonomous and the robots react to the changing ‘start lights’ to trigger them off on their runs. You can read more about the teams and the competition here.

You can view the live stream of the finals below, which is also here on YouTube:

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