Raspberry Pi and Amazon Alexa come together in this lovely Star Wars Story robot head build

For those of you who don’t follow cinema avidly, I should first of all say: There’s a new Star Wars movie out. This one’s called ‘Solo‘ and is about the early day of everyone’s favourite smuggler Han Solo. By all accounts (though I haven’t seen it for myself), it’s a fast-moving, thoroughly entertaining caper movie. One of the features of a Star Wars movie is the fascinated “droid” (robot) concepts they have in there and Solo is no exception. One of the droids featured is called L3-37 and maker Patrick Stefanski has re-created the head of this robot using a Raspberry Pi. The articulated model uses the Pi plus an Arduino Nano, Neopixels, an audio amplifier and 3D-printed parts. He’s even painted his model to look distressed from its exploits! To finish it off, Patrick has installed the Amazon Alexa software so that the droid reacts to voice commands. It’s a really nice build and you can see it in action below and find out more in the description of the YouTube video.

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