New MagPi issue celebrates beginning electronics, text adventures and a new Google AIY product

The new issue of The MagPi (number 64) seeks to be an electronics starter guide with explanation of the normal components and some simple projects to get you going. They even recommend the CamJam EduKits as a great way to get hold of the components, which is lovely, thanks folks! Also in the issue is a long tutorial on creating text adventures and a feature on the new Google AIY Projects: Vision kit which you can also read here.

Oddly, the AIY kit is currently only pre-orderable from MicroCenter, which is very strange as I thought this was a UK-published magazine, but what do I know? Oh, wait, apparently there will be worldwide availability from Spring 2018. That’s all right then.

You can read the new MagPi for free here or order a print copy/pick it up in newsagents.

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