Monitoring the environment of a snake with a Raspberry Pi – the Pivarium

Richard Hayler recently acquired a new pet snake which he’s called The Kernel. The Kernel is housed inside a tank and Richard wanted to monitor the temperature and humidity of the environment. So, he used a DS18B20 waterproof temperature sensor (like you might get in the CamJam EduKit 2) and also a DHT22 humidity sensor and hooked them both up to a Raspberry Pi. He added a second Pi with a camera to keep an eye on the snake and also connected one of the Pis up to a 3D-printed door mechanism to ensure that the door was always closed after tank/snake maintenance. All the data is uploaded to IoT service provider Initial State and he’s used a Pimoroni Inky pHAT to display the information locally. You can take a look at more information on Richard’s blog and see the code and 3D printer files on GitHub.

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