Google AIY project kit available soon in both UK and USA

Exciting news for those of you still without a Google AIY Project Kit that came free with The Mag Pi 57. Micro Center in the USA and Pimoroni in the UK have announced that they will be stocking the kit in coming months. Micro Center are saying that it’s available for pre-order and will be available at the end of October. The situation with Pimoroni is less clear, but I’m going to assume a similar date. Check it out on Micro Center’s website and Pimoroni’s website.

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    • what I mean, of course, was “Pimoroni doesn’t acknowledge email address input. Probably a Site error.

        • I took it as read that I had done that. BUT it is nothing to do with Pimoroni: I had installed the latest Acronis True Image Backup Programmes and there is a new security feature which seems to be causing the problem….Sorry to all!

  1. Michael, you are the GREATEST ! ! You keep us informed on ALL of the latest RASPI NEWS. Here is another example. I, as many others, have been “PATIENTLY” waiting for our chance to get one of these kits. Your notification has made that possible. THANK YOU.

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