Retro motorised game converted into a Out Run console using a Raspberry Pi

Matt Brailsford (aka Circuitbeard) has taken an old motorised game, the Tomy Turnin’ Turbo Dashboard, embedded a Raspberry Pi inside and turned it into a fully-working Out Run games console. Here’s an excerpt from his blog post in which he describes the features:

Some key features are an integrated 3.5” TFT screen, fully usable steering wheel and gear shifter (dashboard turbo light comes on when in high gear), working ignition key for power, true MPH speed and rev counter displays, and a fuel gauge to represent the stage time remaining.

It’s a brilliant conversion and I’m well-impressed by the way that all the old controls work to control the game via the Pimoroni Picade PCB. I also really like the custom dashboard plate he’s worked up:

You can see the game in action below and read more about the build on his blog:

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