Automating a coral reef tank with a Raspberry Pi

Ranjib Dey loves his salt water aquarium which is home to a miniature, living, coral reef. It takes a lot of expertise and monitoring to keep this fragile ecosystem alive and to do it he has decided to bring in a little bit of Raspberry Pi know-how. The system, called reef-pi, which comprises the Pi, some relays and an analogue-to-digital converter to grab sensor readings, is growing all the time and currently has the following features:

  • AC 110/220v equipment control (on demand and periodically based on timers)
  • DC pump velocity and LED based light intensity control (using PCA9685 PWM driver)
  • Dawn to dusk lighting setup
  • Temperature and similar sensor (pH, ORP etc) integration using MCP3008 analog to digital converter
  • Automated photo capture (using Raspberry Pi camera)
  • Touch screen and web based interface (allows for directly controlling the Pi using touch screen or by accessing the web UI from mobile or tablet)
  • integration (temperature and similar data will be sent to, where users can build their dashboard/triggers etc)
  • PID controller is integrated to allow for temperature regulation and other failsafe measures

You can read more about the system, which is written in Go, on his GitHub repository: there’s a full bill-of-materials and all the code on there.

Thanks to Make for spotting this one.

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