Raspbian desktop now available for x86 – run PIXEL on your PC/Mac

The folks over at Raspberry Pi have just announced that PIXEL/Raspbian is now available for x86 machines. This means that you can now run the new desktop environment on a regular PC or Mac. You can download it here as a live-booting ISO image. It will also be available tomorrow on the front of The MagPi, so if you want to wait until you have physical media in your hands, you can! The only things it doesn’t include are Mathematica and Minecraft Pi Edition (for reasons of licencing). So, if you want a unified experience across all your machines, this is the way to go!

Read more via the official announcement here.

2 comments for “Raspbian desktop now available for x86 – run PIXEL on your PC/Mac

  1. Web download is slashdotted, also the .torrent file is slashdotted, but you can use this Bittorrent Magnet URI:

  2. A really good idea and seems to work well. Congratulations on the person that created it.

    How does one permanently change the keyboard layout? All the usual ways return to standard on the next boot.


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