Pimoroni announces new HAT for the Raspberry Pi that uses a new Android OS!

Pimoroni have just announced a new HAT for the Raspberry Pi, and a new operating system to go along with it. The HAT is called the RainbowHAT (full specs in a moment) and the operating system is Android Things (TM, and that’s the last time I’m typing that…)

Android Things is a new image available for the Raspberry Pi that will enable you to use the Android SDK to develop apps on the Pi. Now, I haven’t read the simply acres of documentation, but I think it works a bit like Windows IoT – i.e. it’s a non-GUI operating system that you push code to and then it runs and feeds the information back by way of an API. I think. If someone wants to expand, comment or correct, go right ahead! 😉

The RainbowHAT itself has a lovely load of features:

  • Seven APA102 multicolour LEDs
  • Four 14-segment alphanumeric displays (green LEDs)
  • HT16K33 display driver chip
  • Three capacitive touch buttons
  • Atmel QT1070 capacitive touch driver chip
  • Blue, green and red LEDs
  • BMP280 temperature and pressure sensor
  • Piezo buzzer
  • Breakout pins for servo, I2C, SPI, and UART (all 3v3)

Pimoroni have come up with several suggestions for what it could be used for but probably the number one thing people will use it for is as a simple weather station.

Fortunately, Pimoroni have been very sensible and also developed a Python library for the board – allowing those using Raspbian to fully explore the capabilities of the board.

You can buy the HAT on it’s own, or as part of a kit, from the Pimoroni store, download the Android Things OS from here and explore more about this new platform here.

Aside: Tell you what: it’s a bloody lovely board as always from Pim!

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