Zero-sized Solar Energy Management Module for the Raspberry Pi

Here’s a bit of a novelty on the crowdfunding front. The PiSolMan is a Zero-form-factor add-on board which will take in a power source and also a solar panel to provide constant power to the Pi. It has circuitry on-board to monitor the various levels. Here are the full specs:

  • 16 V to 28 V solar panel input
  • Solar panel maximum power point fixed at 17.8 V
  • Compatible with 11.1 V (3 cells) Lithium-Ion/Polymer and 12 V Lead-Acid batteries
  • Battery charging current up to 1 A
  • 5 V output for powering the Raspberry Pi with up to 1.8 A
  • I2C Serial Interface (Configuration & Power Information)
  • Pushbutton for general purpose use
  • User programmable RGB LED for charging status Information
  • Automatic power down when low battery level detected in order to protect the battery

This Italian-run campaign has 34 days to go. You can take a look at the campaign video below and visit the campaign here.

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