GrovePi Zero – a Raspberry Pi sensor playground – review and sample project

GrovePi Zero used as part of an Initial State IoT dashboard

Jamie Bailey’s been in touch. Over at Initial State, they’ve been playing around with the GrovePi Zero by Dexter Industries. It’s an add-on board that plugs into the Zero’s GPIO pins and gives you the ability to use Grove sensors, as pictured above. Using a couple of the sensors, Jamie has created an Internet of Things device that reads humidity and air quality levels and then ties this into the Wunderground weather service API. Together, this data is used to create a dashboard (as you can see above) on the Initial State website. Not only has he written the entire project out as a tutorial but he’s also given an honest review of the GrovePi Zero board including the quality, usefulness and cost of the device. It’s a really great piece of work and you can see the full tutorial and review here.

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