Building a Raspberry Pi-powered Pokemon Pokedex

Philip Organ, a 12-year old, year 7 student from Birmingham. He has recently been captured by the Pokemon Go craze and wanted to bring a bit of Raspberry Pi know-how to the game. So, he took a Pi, added a couple of screens, a camera module and a keypad and then constructed a laser-cut case at his local Makespace. His Dad, Spencer, admits to helping him a little – by driving him to the Makespace and, of course, being the Bank of Dad – but apart from transport and money, it’s all Philip’s own work!

What you do is to type in the number of the Pokemon into the keypad and then the large screen displays a picture of the chosen monster. The smaller screen is used for menu selection. You can read more about it on the UK Tech Reviews blog, see the code on GitHub and you can see Philip giving a talk at CamJam about the project below. Great stuff – keep on making, Philip!

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