ModMyPi PiOT relay board for the Raspberry Pi reviewed by Average Man and Raspberry Pi Spy

ModMyPi PioT relay board

A while back, Jacob over at ModMyPi sent me a new board – a relay board designed to be used for IoT projects. I haven’t had a chance to use it myself yet, but I would like to feature it a bit here.

Here is a list of features:

  • 4 x OMRON G5LA-1 Relays for Switching up to 10A @ 250VAC, or 10A @ 24VDC
  • 4 x Tactile Buttons for GPIO/Relay Bonding
  • Two-Digit 7 Segment Display for Visual Feedback & Setting Control
  • Micro-controlled GPIO/Relay Setting & Switching (No Jumpers Required!)
  • 40 Point Raspberry Pi GPIO Modeled Input
  • 5V & 3.3V Input Compatible
  • Low Holding Current via PWM ~ 100mA per Relay Board
  • Stackable Relay Board (Up to 5 Without External Power)
  • Multiple Start-Up Modes to Negate Boot GPIO Chatter (Delayed/Handshake)
  • Pi Zero Mounting Points
  • Overall size 72mm x 110mm

First of all, here’s a review from Average Man, Richard Saville. He likes the board generally, but does warn that although the relays are rated for mains voltage, you’d be a damn fool to use it for that unless you enjoy danger.

Secondly, Matt over at Raspberry Pi Spy has reviewed the board. He also likes the board, particularly the way you use buttons actually on the board to configure it.

You can get hold of the board from ModMyPi for £23.99.

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