Wearable blinky dress reacts to touches via a Raspberry Pi

Shaky snapchat vid of actual operation

A video posted by Clodagh O’Mahony (@yodaomahony) on

You know how much I love art projects? This is a good one! Thanks to Alex at the Foundation for tracking and blogging about this project.

Clodagh O’Mahony recently completed her thesis on Interaction Design. For her project, she constructed a dress which had a Raspberry Pi and an Adafruit Capacitive Touch Sensor Breakout (that’s the US link, for the UK, try Makersify) embedded into it (under a 3D-printed shroud). Thanks to a lot of conductive thread, the dress detects touches in various places and logs the ‘social interactions’ to a database. The Pi then reads this data and lights up the dress in different colours with a Pimoroni Blinkt. The dress also registers vocal social interactions and reacts depending on whether the words are categorised as positive or negative. The data is also uploaded to a website (below) where interactions are awarded points. You can read more over on Clodagh’s blog and see more pictures over on Instagram.

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