Build your own Raspberry Pi laptop for around $150

Raspberry Pi laptops are somewhat of a holy grail for Pi users. You can, of course, just buy a Pi Top and build it from their kit. Or, alternatively you could go the DIY route as Instructables user Prosnow22 has done. He’s taken a Raspberry Pi, the official touch screen, a Rii keyboard and a lot of 3D-printed parts and made his own. You can see how he did it here.

3 comments for “Build your own Raspberry Pi laptop for around $150

  1. Where in small cities of USA can a person locate 3D printers to produce such needs as called for in this instructable?

    As much as I would like to own such I couldn’t justify one. But what does one do to locate a printer? Craigslist? Want ads?

    Thank you

    • Try a search online for USA 3D printing service. There are companies that will do your printing for you (.e.g In the UK, there is a service where hobbyists hire out their printers to other people and there is may be a USA equivalent.

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