Raspberry Pi-powered experiment workshops for Body Science Saturday – Braintree – 19th March


Andy Melder, who is one of the organisers of the splendid Southend Raspberry Jam, is running Raspberry Pi-powered drop-in sessions throughout the day this Saturday at Braintree District Museum on Manor Street in Braintree, Essex. Running from 10am-4pm, the workshops will feature the following:

  • SonicPi for the AstroPi competition (if possible, please bring a charged laptop)
  • The chance to run real AstroPi code currently operating on the International Space Station.
  • Explore infra-red radiation using the Raspberry Pi NoIR camera.
  • Explore colour blindness using the Pimoroni UnicornHAT to induce (hopefully) temporary colour blindness!

Other activities are also planned along the science experiment line, and you can read more about those by taking a look at this press release.

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