October issue of The MagPi for Raspberry Pi owners out now!

The latest issue of The MagPi is out and it looks to be a good one. The central feature is a “building a robot” special which aims to get you up-and-running for £50. We recently announced the third CamJam EduKit which is a cheap robotics kit for under £20. It will be available soon from The Pi Hut.

There are also features on making a web-powered plant waterer, using the Piano HAT, using the SenseHAT and, of course, a review of the new touch screen (for some reason, I can’t see that being a bad review…). Plenty of other stuff in there as well. You can now buy it from Tesco as well as WHSmith in the UK. In the USA it’s available in Barnes & Noble and MicroCenter. You can also, of course, download it for free in electronic form from The MagPi website.

1 comment for “October issue of The MagPi for Raspberry Pi owners out now!

  1. Threedogs
    24 September 2015 at 2:32 pm

    This is a good project for beginners and there are a lot of kits for beginner robots on the market.

    however I personally would like to see a much more demanding project i.e. an autonomous robot. OK this would be lot more expensive than 50 Pounds but I would be prepared to pay a lot for the hardware. I build a simple obstacle avoider (Ultrasonics+bumper detection) but after letting the robot run for a while boredom set in.
    even after expanding the robot but space was a problem.

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