Digital Zoetrope controlled by a Raspberry Pi

Brian Corteil has been working on his digital zoetrope for most of this year. At the recent Newcastle Maker Faire he showed off his creation. Later on, his brought it along to CamJam and showed the Raspberry Pi community what he’d been up to. The zoetrope uses¬†12 small Adafruit OLED displays connected to a single Raspberry Pi via SPI. By positioning yourself correctly at the edge of the zoetrope and giving it a swish with your hand (it doesn’t have motors, thus maintaining that true, historic zoetrope feel) the static images that pass by your eyes appear to be animated, thanks to “persistence of vision“. My description is hardly adequate for this project, so I hope that some of you will come along to the next CamJam to see it in action! You can read more about how Brian put together the zoetrope here.

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  1. undoubtedly an interesting project…but electronically copying something
    from about 1830 does seem to bit just a tiny bit of expensive steam punk technology here.

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