Monitoring cricket scores with the Raspberry Pi

Rohit Gupta wanted to monitor cricket scores while he was working in his office. The trouble is almost all the sites he would use to do this were blocked by his company’s web traffic filter. So, he turned to the Raspberry Pi and a piece of software called BeautifulSoup to create a web scraper which would poll an (unnamed) service once a minute and then display the results in summary form on an LCD from a Nokia 5510. The data displayed is as follows:

  • Teams playing
  • Currently batting team with overs underneath it
  • The score in the largest font
  • 4s/6s and Run Rate
  • 1st Innings history if 2nd Innings is going on and 2nd innings PENDING if the first innings was underway.
  • Match Status – Rains, Ended,In Progress etc

He has called the whole thing CricPi and you can read more here.

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