Naturebytes Wildlife Camera kit – watch wildlife with the Raspberry Pi

This is a nicely thought-out Kickstarter which puts the Raspberry Pi Camera Module to good use to capture pictures of wildlife.

The unit comes in a weatherproof case with holes in the front for the camera lens and a PIR module to detect movement. When movement is detected, software triggers the capture of an image which is stored to the SD card. They’re using a Raspberry Pi A+, which means much lower power-usage, and include an 8800mAh LIPO battery and Adafruit converter so that you can place the box in a location and run it without worrying about how you’re going to power it.

You can get everything you need to run your very own wildlife camera for £95 (plus a very reasonable shipping charge – other Kickstarters, take note). This includes the Pi, SD card, the excellent case, the camera, the powering equipment, the fixings and everything else you need. There are lower pledges if you already have the Pi (all models fit inside the case), and higher pledges if you’d like a keyboard and mouse, and that kind of thing. There are also pledge levels for if you just want to support the project without getting the kit itself. Other pledges are aimed at education: 10 kits and workshop material are available for £899 and a full weekend workshop with the project team is £3,000, which is quite reasonable I think. There’s also a very nice option for advanced makers who have a 3D printer – you can pledge and get the files you need to print your own case.

All in all, this is a very well thought-out Kickstarter with reasonable pledge levels for what looks like a very slick, well-made product. Now, these guys are new to the community but they seem very enthusiastic. They’ve done a cracking job on their website and they’re planning to build a community around the users of the kit. So, if you want to get into the world of nature watching with the Pi, I thoroughly recommend this kit, based on the information available on the Kickstarter. It looks well-rounded and deserves to succeed.

Take a look at the Kickstarter video below or head straight over to Kickstarter to read more. More information about the project is available on their website.

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