MagPi magazine for Raspberry Pi owners – June issue published

The June 2015 edition of venerable publication The MagPi has just been published. Full of exciting articles and news, it is vital reading for all Pi owners. Perhaps the most exciting news is that from issue 36 (end of July), the MagPi is going to have a massive 100-page print edition. Available in WHSmith and some supermarkets, this is going to be serious competition for other magazines. They’re even going to be offering an annual subscription option so you can get the magazine delivered direct to your door.

Here are just some of the articles that appear this month:

  • An article on using robots in an American college.
  • A big feature on the introduction of Windows 10 IoT edition to the Pi.
  • An announcement of the first batch of Astro Pi competition winners.
  • A news piece on the price reduction of the Raspberry Pi Model B+.
  • An article on UI improvements.
  • A nice hack project that integrates an A+ with an old school candy machine.
  • Using the Pi as a telemetry machine in a racing car.
  • A nice tutorial on hacking an analog wall clock.
  • A Scratch tutorial on creating a multiple-choice quiz game.
  • A tutorial on using VNC to remotely access the Pi’s desktop.
  • A tutorial on scrolling text on the Unicorn HAT.
  • A walkthrough on how to add a printer to your Pi.
  • Reviews of the MeArm, Ubuntu Mate 15.04, 4tronix Agobo, Kano OS Beta 2.0.0 & a few books.
  • A round-up of forthcoming Raspberry Jams.
  • A tutorial to help you create a platform drop game in Python.

You can download issue 34 from the Raspberry Pi Foundation website or you can buy it on your mobile phone or tablet from both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

2 comments for “MagPi magazine for Raspberry Pi owners – June issue published

  1. 29 May 2015 at 8:46 pm

    Thanks for the great round-up of the latest issue! One small correction – we’ll be going to print from issue 36 (at the end of July). Exciting!

    Keep up the awesome work with the blog 🙂

    • recantha
      5 June 2015 at 3:42 pm

      Thanks Russell – I think my brain skipped from 34 to 36. Poor old 35!

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