Pi-Top, the Raspberry Pi laptop, version 3 revealed

Ryan Dunwoody and Jesse Lozano, the creators of the Pi-Top laptop, have unveiled the latest version of their machine. It is much thinner and features a larger trackpad and specially designed cantilevered trackpad buttons. I saw the version just before this at BETT and it looks fantastic, a really great solution to keeping everything together in one neat package, although the $299 price tag will still put some people off, which is a shame. Remember, this is a laptop through which you can hack, add extra boards and access the GPIO pins. You can read more over at 3dprint.com. You can visit their (very nicely designed) website here.

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  1. sir help me to my project. i want to make a proposal project using raspberry pi B+

    and i have a raspberry pi B+ what are the requirements or need to to do that pi-top

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