More CamJam EduKit 2 – Sensors coverage

Today at Pi Wars, we launched our second CamJam EduKit. This one comes with three sensors: temperature, movement and light; and all the bits and pieces you need to build circuits with them. Oh, that includes two mahoosive 10mm LEDs. Because everyone needs more blinkies 🙂

We sent out some review kits to various people. Two of these went to Richard Saville (the Average Man) and Alex Eames (from RasPi.TV) and they’ve kindly covered us on their blogs. Here’s some links to the coverage:

You can get hold of the second EduKit for £7 by following this link to The Pi Hut. You can view the worksheet material on the CamJam website here.

Photo credit: Alex Eames, RasPi.TV

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