Raspberry Pi Model A+ launched!

Photo credit: Alex Eames from RasPi.TV

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has just announced the launch of the Raspberry Pi Model A+. See their blog post here.

First of all, it’s even cheaper – they’ve gone for a $20 price mark, so expect it to retail for around £15. £15 for a Pi? Bargain!

It’s a lot smaller than the current B and B+ at 65 x 56 x 14mm and resembles a B+ with a bit chopped off.

It has the same 40 pin GPIO header as the B+ and also has the 4 mounting holes from the B+, making it compatible with HAT boards.
The power consumption of the A+ is lower than both the B+ and the A, using just 600mA.
Due to the removal of the ethernet/USB chip, just like the model A it has only one USB port.

Alex Eames from RasPi.TV has had a chance to take a look at the board and you can find his coverage here.

The A+ is an exciting development, thanks to the smaller footprint and even lower power requirements, and it should find a nice place in more embedded projects. I’m looking forward to getting one myself and stuffing it into a Gameboy case!

You can buy an A+ from The Pi Hut for £22 (including VAT and delivery) or from Farnell for £23.35 (including VAT and delivery) or for £24 from RS components (including VAT and delivery)

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